French Bulldog & Hot Weather Guide

French Bulldog And Hot Weather? Be Careful!

We are all aware of what heat can do to our French Bulldog. You should know not to mix hot weather and French bulldog. And in a state where the temperature is prone to raise upwards, it is critical to know the signs of an overheating Frenchie. Even if you don’t live in very hot areas, it is recommended by many veterinarians to keep Bulldogs indoors when it is 85 Fahrenheit degrees (30 Celsius degrees) or hotter outside. Bulldogs have a tendency to overheat easily, as do many brachycephalic breeds. 

They are not efficient panthers, and therefore are not able to cool as easily as other breeds. If you’re in an area with hot summer weather, please remember that French bulldog overheating is a real problem.

On top of that, summer also means lawn care and for many of us, the use of chemicals on our lawns may be poisonous and deadly to our Frenchies. Here lies the importance of monitoring your yard to ensure your pet’s safety in the hot summer months.

What You Should Know

On top of this, I will also remind everyone that these dogs suffer from stenotic nares and inherently labored breathing. Like all brachiocephalic dog breeds, they have difficulty breathing during hot weather. Furthermore, they can easily “overheat” and die from heat exhaustion due to their thick undercoat. They naturally do better in temperate, cooler climates. Don’t ever leave your Frenchie in your car. Never, under no circumstances. In case if the president stops you in the middle of the road and commands you to get out of your car, you better take your Frenchie with you. While for us “humans” summer means sunshine, cookouts, and swimming.

French bulldog cooling

But for our Bulldog counterparts, it is important to remember that Bulldogs and heat do not jive well together. First, let’s look over the signs of an overheating Bulldog:

  • Excessive panting
  • Heaving while panting
  • Odd sounds coming from the throat
  • Very floppy, loose, discolored tongue
  • Possible foaming from the mouth
  • Exhaustion from the fight for breath

Remember! If your Frenchie shows any of the signs above, immediately place them in a cool place at your home with a fan and use a cool wet towel to wet down their body.

How To Prevent Overheating?

It is recommended to keep your Bulldog inside when temperatures exceed 85 degrees. To keep your French bulldog from overheating during the summer months, always provide lots of cool, fresh water. We like to give our french bulldogs ice cubes and they love them. We give them ice cubes even when they’re inside.

Outside, we have an arsenal of tools to keep our dogs happy and cool. When it comes to summer, one of the most important things for canine parents to know is how to cool down a dog in hot weather. Check out a few tips and tricks for keeping your pup cool and comfortable, no matter how hot it gets. I personally don’t like being hot. I don’t like “getting some sun.” I’ll go to the beach maybe once this entire summer.

Who Likes To Be Overheated? No one!

Mostly, I’ll be staying inside my air-conditioned home, slathering on sunscreen in preparation for those moments that I have to go out, for food or something. Some days, I won’t leave at all. But my canine babies do not share my love for holing up for months — which means I need to think about how to cool down a Frenchie in the summer heat. And like me, you also need to consider the same. Though they aren’t huge fans of being out for long periods of time, they like to go out at least three or four times a day for a short while. They have to go out to “do their business,” but they also like to lie in sunny spots and wander around, sniffing the air and chasing squirrels. Sometimes the odds are in their favor, and they find something rotting in the grass and celebrate by rolling around in the decay, matting their fur with the foul substance.

Delightful creatures, they are. When the dogs come back inside, they are tired, stinky and hot. I worry most about the last bit. Since I live in Florida, the summer heat is serious business. It does not mess around and requires CONSTANT VIGILANCE on my part to make sure my Frenchie doesn’t overheat. I mean, they have to wear a fur coat no matter what the season is and can only sweat out of areas not covered by fur.

Steps: Help French Bulldog In Hot Weather

1. Keep your Frenchie Hydrated

First and foremost with how to cool down a French bulldog – make sure your dog drinks enough water. This is pretty obvious, but my pets go through water quickly in the summer, so I have to keep an eye on the water bowl at all times and refill as necessary. On particularly hot days, I’ll add some ice cubes to the bowl.

2. Purchase an Pool for Your Frenchie

One of my bulldogs has no time for water (unless she is drinking it), but the other one loves splashing around. If your dog is more of a splasher than a drinker, I recommend getting one of those cheap, plastic, child-sized pools for them to wade or lie in. Not only are you cooling them off, you could even sneak in a secret puppy bath! “What? No. This isn’t a bath! This is playtime!” your dog screams. “See how you’re not in a tub? This is a completely different thing!” Then the shampoo comes … Be careful with swimming. We suggest reading our article about Frenchies swimming abilities.

French bulldogs in hot weather. Products you should have.

3. Cooling Dog Bandana

The Instant Ice Cooling Frenchie Bandana gives dog owners another way to keep their pups cool. This cooling bandana is made using a breathable and lightweight material for a comfortable fit. It measures in three sizes, and it weighs a meager 2.08 ounces. As such, the bandana does not have a burdening weight around your dog’s neck. You can rest assured your French bulldog will not be bothered by the bandana despite them having a short neck.

To use the bandana to cool your dog, one has to moisten it with cold water simply. The unique material soaks in and holds the water for hours (on average 3 hours), alleviating the risk of heat stress and dehydration.

Aside from the material being breathable and lightweight, it is also machine washable. You can wash it with your washing machine without damaging the materials. Finally, the bandana comes with a leash hole. As such, you can use the bandana as your dog’s collar when taking walks during the summer months.

4. Give Your Frenchie Frozen Treats

Our dog love eating more than anything else on this earth. I use this love of food to my advantage by feeding them treats that are cool, high in water content or both. Dog ice cream is found in pretty much every grocery store, but if you like you can make your own dog ice cream or DIY with any of these frozen dog treat recipes. Frozen broth popsicles are another frozen treat your dog will love. It will keep French bulldog cool during hot weather. Also, chilled cucumber is a no-prep option that is full of water. You could also treat them to a cool, refreshing, smoothie! A great option, according to me.

Frozen water toy gives you a very effective means to trick your dog into taking in more water. The silicone toy allows you to fill it with water and freeze it. After freezing, you and your dog can play with it. As your dog leaks it while playing, it stays cool and refreshed. You can help your bulldog beat the summer heat and stay hydrated with this fun toy.

5. Give Your French Bulldog a Cool Surface

A few summers ago, I noticed that my bulldog would sprawl out on the cool tile floor every once in a while. She seemed pretty happy about it, so I figured she was on to something. One night it was oppressively hot, to the point that I couldn’t sleep. I stole my furry companion’s idea and plopped down on the bathroom tile and was amazed by how quickly I cooled down. Dogs are way smarter than us sometimes. If you don’t have cool flooring or your dog is outside, you can apply this principle by soaking a towel in cold water and letting your dog lie on that. Speaking from experience, I guarantee it will make a huge difference.

Given how necessary cooling is for your French bulldog, this unique self-cooling pad is an exquisite solution. The cooling pad features a pressure activated gel that instantly cools your French bulldog when he or she lies on the pad. Additionally, the gel is also an excellent cushioning material that soothes your dog for that extra level of comfort.

While there are many different types of cooling pads on the market, this particular mat stands out owing to its versatility. For starters, the mat does not require any electricity, water, or refrigeration to function. The self-cooling gel automatically recharges itself after 15 to 20 minutes of non-use. Importantly, when fully charged, the mat can provide up to 3 hours of cooling bliss to your beloved bulldog.

6. Get Some Summer Gear

We basically live in the future (sans hoverboards, but I guess we can’t have everything). There is a gadget and a gizmo for almost every problem we face. For the whole “it is way too hot for man or beast out here” problem, there are cooling collars, vests, and beds. There are even dog boots to protect your pup’s little feet from the hot pavement. Check out effective cooling vest we can advise you for sure:

7. Portable Water Bottle

During the summer months, it is essential to keep your bulldog hydrated. Given their vulnerability with overheating, it is essential that you supply them with ample water. While this is easy to keep your pup hydrated at home, it becomes a tad more complicated while traveling, unless you have this 480ml portable water bottle.

This portable water bottle has been designed specifically to travel or move around with. For instance, the bottle has a drink cup bowl that allows you to dispense water for your dog to drink. The cup negates the possibility of your dog vitrifying the rest of the water. As for the dispenser, it has been designed for one hand operations with the dispenser button.

The leak-proof bottle is also very safe for your dog. It has been manufactured using FDA-approved materials that are BPA-free and lead-free. As such, the bottle is durable, expandable, and easy to clean.

8. Make Sure Your French Bulldog Has Shade

If your dog is outside, make sure there is somewhere he can go to take shelter from the sun’s terrible rays. Set up a little tent or umbrella. Set it up next to the kiddie pool and serve your pet tropical smoothies for a staycation vibe.

Frenchie in hot weather

9. Proper Grooming

Though clipping double-coated dogs won’t help keep them cool (the top “guard hairs” actually act as insulation against the heat and sunburn), keeping your pup properly groomed will. The undercoat is actually part of a dog’s natural cooling system, but if not properly maintained it can become matted and prevent air flow across your dog’s skin. Frequent brushing helps remove “dead” fur and keeps your pet’s coat healthy and comfortable. Less hair can help Frenchies in hot weather.

10. Use Evaporation to Your Advantage

The whole point of sweating is evaporation. You sweat; it evaporates, and with it goes heat. It’s physics. It’s a cruel trick on dogs that they can only sweat through a minimal percentage of their body. Given that they have less area to work with, it would be nice if the heat could evaporate faster, no? Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) has a much lower boiling point than water and thus evaporates much more quickly. If you suspect that your dog needs some help lowering his or her body temperature, give those paws a swipe with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol. Don’t overdo it though; alcohol can get a little drying.

11. Frenchie Carrier Backpack

If you are an avid outdoors person, you will appreciate how difficult it is to go with your French bulldog everywhere you love. French bulldogs are not cut out for hiking, camping, or other long duration outdoor activities.

Outdoor Travel Frenchie Backpack, however, offers a smart solution for you to take your dog everywhere you want to go. Whether you are heading to a weekend-long camping expedition or you are merely taking a bike ride around your neighborhood, this dog carrier backpack allows you to take your best friend everywhere.

It is made using breathable and durable canvas and cotton materials. The backpack features two mesh side panels that allow maximum air circulation for your dog to remain comfortable. The design also features a tail and legs elastic opening for maximum comfort of your dog.

The backpack has soft padded shoulder straps with a flexible design. As such, you can carry your French bulldog on your back or on your chest.

12. Be Smart

In addition to all the great things you can do, there are some things you should never do, especially when the weather heats up. Don’t leave your dog in a car, don’t tie him up in the sun, don’t walk him during the hottest part of the day and don’t walk him on the hot asphalt. Prevention is always easier than dealing with a crisis later. To summarize use these tips to help prevent your Bulldog from overheating this summer:

  • Limit your bulldogs’ time outdoors during rises in heat to potty breaks only and do not leave them unattended.
  • Keep fresh cool water available at all times.
  • Never leave your bulldog in a car even for a few minutes as temperatures can rise quickly.
  • If possible limit time outside to the cooler times of the day such as early morning and late evenings.
  • If BD appears lethargic and does not cool quickly do not hesitate to call your veterinarian.
  • Get a kiddie pool for your dog.
  • Encourage them to swim.
  • Get your buddy a life jacket for swimming.
  • Get them a cooling gel mat to lay on.
  • Wrap a bandana soaked with ice-cold water around their neck.
  • Limit outside play time to 20-30 minute intervals, with breaks inside with the air conditioner or a large box fan running.
  • Your Frenchie will naturally seek cold flooring to lay on, like tile or vinyl. Make sure they have access to non-carpeted areas.
  • Mist your bulldog with a squirt bottle on their belly. Make sure the spray is misty and not a solid jolt of water, or else they may think they’re being punished.
  • Provide lots and lots of cold, fresh drinking water.
  • Give them ice cubes to suckle and gnaw on.
  • Never leave your French bulldog outside on a hot weather or unattended inside a car.
  • Get your dog a fun water sprinkler toy.

Additional Tips

  • Don’t use chemicals to treat your yard. Just mow the grass and keep it clean.
  • Store dangerous chemicals, yard tools, and other hazardous materials in a place your furry friend cannot reach.
  • Comb through your yard and pluck any poisonous plants such as “Poke weed”.
  • Pluck all mushrooms growing in your yard, no matter if they’re poisonous or not. Mushrooms can be deadly to dogs.
  • Don’t use pesticides in your garden or anywhere near their playing areas.
  • Monitor them while they’re playing outside.
  • Monitor everything your bulldog chews on. Provide toys to chew on instead of sticks and limbs.


Water, Shade, Slow movement, With these tips and products, you can rest assured that your dog will not only survive the hot weather but thrive. By prioritizing cooling, you enable your French bulldog to move, play, and enjoy whatever summer brings forth, while still protecting their health.

Now that you know what to keep an eye out for, go enjoy your summer! Thank you for reading articles!

French bulldogs cool down on boat

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