Seresto Anti Flea & Tick Frenchie Collar Review

The most playful among all dog breeds is the French bulldog. They are intelligent and make excellent companions. They are also calm and are very accommodating to other pets as well. They are an absolute delight to have around the house.

This is why you want to keep them protected and healthy at all times. Fleas and other bugs can be more than a source of discomfort for the dog. They can cause serious health issues ranging from itching, skin irritation, dry, flaky skin, and hair loss. It can also affect the human owners in a significant way.Using insect repellent collars is an excellent way to get rid of bugs and keep your dog healthy. This pet collar from Seresto is the perfect way to keep your beloved French bulldog insect free. It is a versatile collar that works great to keep these parasites from bothering your canine baby. : Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs, 8-Month Flea ...

Features of the Seresto Pet Dog Collar

1. Materials

This collar uses a blend of natural oil extracts, which is safe for the pet as well as the owners. It is not only safe but more effective. The active herbal ingredients include eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, cinnamon oil, linaloe, and lemon eucalyptus. It also contains polyethylene as the base material.

The collar is made of PVC, which is sturdy and adjustable. It can easily fit dogs of various sizes and age. The excess material from the collar can be cut off. The material is waterproof, which is a great advantage.

2. Performance

The collar releases the component in small quantities, which is enough to repel and kill the insects but is safe for the dog as well as the owners. This quantity is negligible for humans, so children or adults can play with them and hug them without any harmful side effects. However, since it is essentially an insecticide, make sure to wash hands thoroughly after extensive contact with the dog.

The natural protection works effectively throughout the length of the dog’s body. It works by repelling the insects and bugs. The collar is effective against fleas, mosquitoes, lice, larvae, sarcoptic mange, and ticks. The natural oil extracts contain a light fragrance which keeps the pet smelling fresh.

The collar and the ingredients are non-toxic and safe for pets as well as humans. It is also non-allergic. However, every dog has different skin that reacts differently to products. So it is wise to check the dog’s skin for any sign of distress such as redness and irritation. If your French bulldog is scratching excessively, it may also be sensitive for him, so it pays to check.

It does not require to be removed while bathing or swimming. It can be used while using shampoo on the dog, and it will not affect the collar. Exposure to sunlight or rain does not compromise the effectiveness of the collar as well. However, if your dog is a frequent swimmer, the effectiveness gets reduced. The duration is reduced to seven months for tick protection and five months for flea protection.

The collar has a replenishing feature. As natural ingredients wear off overtime, the collar replenishes the oils to maintain healthy hair and repel insects as well. Its lightweight property also does not affect the Frenchie while wearing the collar. It is non-greasy, which makes it comfortable to use. It also has an eco-friendly feature, so it does not harm the environment in any way.

Anti Flea and Tick Collar for French bulldogs

3. Length of effectiveness

This dog collar offers effective protection for French bulldogs up to eight months under normal circumstances. If, however the area or your home if heavily infested with bugs, it may need to be replaced sooner.

4. Dimensions

The collar measures 25 inches or 63.5 cm in length. It is 0.39 inches or 1 cm in width. It is suitable for a dog with up to 60 cm of neck circumference. It weighs a total of 60 grams. It is one size that is made to fit all French bulldogs.

The Seresto collar is veterinarian recommended for tick and flea protection. It is suitable for use by dogs which are more than seven weeks old. The minimum weight is 18 lbs and above.

5. Additional information

The Seresto dog collar has a 100% money back guarantee in case the product is not delivered on time. It is also eligible for a partial refund in case the description of the product did not match the buyer’s expectations. It is also available for free shipping all over the world.

The collar comes in a sturdy and elegant box. When the collar is not used on the dog, it can be stored inside the box.

Cautionary note:The collar should not be used on a dog that is sick, pregnant, or a senior. If you need to use it, do so after consultation with a veterinarian.

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