French Bulldogs: 13 Interesting Facts

French bulldogs are a very common breed of dogs that are often preferred by pet lovers. Frenchies always stays in the list of top 5 most popular dogs. Their easy attitude and happy nature make them the perfect pet. Frenchies are easy to keep in homes as they are not too big or intimidating in their size. Even if you have a small home, it will perfectly fit with your family.

“All You Need to Know” facts about French bulldogs:

Origin: England, France
Size: height of 11 to 13 inches (27.94 – 33.02 cm)
Weight: Full growth Male – 9 kg to 13.8 kg. (20 – 30.5 pounds), Female – 8 kg to 12.9 kg (17.6 – 28.5 pounds).
Lifespan: 9 – 12 years
Temperament: Friendly, stubborn. Males are more playful, energetic, and assertive. Female bulldogs are more affectionate, timid, and friendly
Grooming: Very easy to groom
Exercise requirements: 30 min – 1h daily
Features: Cute looking, flat face, bat-ears
Best for: Families with children’s, small and medium apartments
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Interesting Facts About French Bulldogs:

Typical French bulldog in bed with humans

1. Good Companion

Considered one of the best companions you can have, a pet or a sidekick or even a friend. You can rest assured that Frenchies got your back covered! One of the most loyal dogs, they will always be next to you.

French bulldogs loves to be close to a human or other pet as much as possible. Even in bed. If you allow Frenchie to sleep in bed, he will occupy.

2. No Unnecessary Noise

If you are someone who doesn’t like vocal dogs, well, your search might be over. French bulldogs are relatively quiet unless and until they sense a warning is needed. Yes, they don’t bark that often, but that doesn’t mean they are not good watchdogs.

They are good at alerting you when required.

And yes, this fact does not include farting, snoring and belching.

3. Size Matters

Compare to other breeds, Frenchies are small. But don’t get this wrong. They look small, but grown ones can weight 15 kg (33 pounds). Some of the many perks of having them as a pet are:

  • They are so easy to cuddle.
  • If you are traveling or shifting someplace, they are not much of a fuss to take around.
  • Buying their foods or accessories costs less, thanks to their small size!
  • Whether you are taking them out for grooming or doing it at home. They are easy and simple to groom, making them less time-consuming.
  • French bulldogs take only a small space to sleep, so they can easily live with you even in a small area.

4. Good Family Member

If you care for your Frenchie, then you don’t need to worry. Frenchies are adaptable in any place, whether in a family or a solo environment. As long as you care for them, they will thrive. If there are hyperactive children around the house, your French bulldog will most probably lie in their comfort zone and watch the fun as they are known for their happy and calm presence, plus they love cuddling.

French bulldogs are very good with children. They are friendly and finds common language with kids. It’s because Frenchies got similar personality like children. That makes French bulldogs good pets.

5. Adopting Easier

If you are a newbie in the scene of owning a dog, that’s okay! The French bulldog can quickly adapt to your environment and love you back the same or more. Caring for this pet is not a hassle and is perfectly manageable.

Just like other pets, it takes time to new Frenchie adopt in new home. But with French bulldogs it takes a bit less time to adopt.

6. French Bulldogs Have Interesting Personality

Quiet, adjustable, social, and full of life when needed, this breed of bulldog can sit with you the whole day or have fun with you outside. Frenchies are down for both!

On the other hand they can be very stubborn.

7. Easy Grooming

French bulldogs usually stay indoors mostly, so bathing and brushing them is pretty easy. Their shedding time typically comes around twice a year, but they don’t shed a lot, so brushing your bulldog’s coat regularly helps tackle this.

Bathing them is also not a problem as they are small in size. You can bathe your Frenchies four times a year. And you can do more but remember that their skins can get dry if given regular baths.

If you like to bath Frenchie regular than you should get proper shampoo.

8. They Don’t Need To Be Too Active.

French bulldogs have a Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS). Which means dogs with BOAS can have breathing difficulties, usually when they take a long walk or exercise too long. So you don’t have to worry about giving them regular and harsh activities. Besides, you can keep them happy indoors with play toys and take 30 min – 2 hours of short walks once a day.

9. Frenchies Can Be Trained

Another reason French bulldogs good pets are training part. Even though French Bulldogs are stubborn sometimes, they can also please you. Treat them with love, patience, and edible treats, and then they will be all ready to learn all your basic commands.

If you are looking for some good French bulldog training tips and tricks check our training guide article.

10. Get Along With Other Pets

This breed of dogs not only gets along with kids, but they can also start with the right foot with other dogs. Friendliness makes French bulldogs good pets. Dogs usually get aggressive when other pets come into their territory or when they meet new pets. But lucky you, Frenchies are accepting of other pets.

Just like in other dog breeds, there can be exceptions where your dog is more aggressive than other dogs compare. To deal to aggressive French bulldog behavior, check this article.

11. Become a Star

If you own a French bulldog, most people will notice you on the street. They are cute, kids like those cute faces. As a Frenchie owner, we can approve that there are many times when random kids asks to palm.

If you are looking for a way to meet up with a girl or boy, then Frenchie is a good asset. Girl melts seeing and touching such a cutie.

On the other hand, you might be seeking for others attention, then French bulldog is a way to go.

12. Stay Away From Hot Weather

French bulldogs do not handle hot weather well. Hence, may need monitoring, especially in the hot days

13. Two Styles of Ears

French Bulldog has two styles of ears. They originally had rose-shaped ears like their ancestor – English Bulldog. And American breeder preferred the bat-styled ears.

Downsides of French Bulldog Breed

Not all things are perfect, and it is true even regarding French bulldogs. Like everything in this world, there are some downsides, which makes Frenchies unique. Nos do not mean they are not good pets. There are some drawbacks, and it is always better to know everything before owning a pet.

1. Gas Problems

French bulldogs do have a problem when it comes to farting. Usually they fart because of body structure. They have brachycephalic head structure. Which means they get ear while eating or drinking. Other reasons are allergies, sensitivity to foods and nutrition. But don’t worry. This problem can be solved when feed your French bulldog with dog food with sensitive stomach. We have a list of dog food that will fit Frenchie perfectly, check it here.

Frenchie Farting meme. Are French bulldogs good pets?
Frenchie farting meme

2. It Falls on The Pricey Side

As you already know, this breed of dogs is quite popular, and many would say they are great pets to have. For all these reasons and more, Frenchies are pretty pricey pets to own. According to the type of breeder you are getting a French bulldog from, the price also varies. If you are going to a top-notch breeder, they take immense care and look into every detail when breeding them, so their prices are also high.

Last year’s French bulldog price is booming, that is why so many breeders showed up. Be careful before getting Frenchie from breeder. Check history, parents, documents etc. Make sure everything is clear and safe.

If you are looking how much should a French bulldog cost on average, click here.

3. Common Health Problems

Many people have bred French bulldogs for many years, and because of their genetics, they have a health problems like:

  • Cherry eye – Dogs have a third eyelid in their eyes that helps in protecting their eyes. In this health disorder, the third eyelids tear gland pops out of its original position as a red fleshy mass. It is usually common in younger dogs that are less than two years old, but it can also come out at any age.
  • Obstructive breathing – Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) is a condition where bulldogs have difficulty breathing due to the excess soft tissue in the airway, causing the upper respiratory tract to narrow.
  • Allergies – Besides respiratory problems, this breed is also prone to getting allergies like environmental allergies, seasonal allergies, or allergies caused due to certain foods and sometimes even prescription drugs.
  • Hip Dysplasia – A degenerative skeletal disorder that doesn’t correctly form the ball and socket joint of the hip, leading to pain in your French bulldogs.
  • Tracheal Collapse – It is a progressive and chronic disease of the windpipe or trachea that causes problems like difficulty in breathing, honking cough, and making noise when breathing.
  • Stenotic Nares – Stenotic Nares, in simple words, means narrow nostrils, usually shared in brachycephalic dogs mentioned before. It causes dogs to have problems in breathing through their nose, heavily impacting the way they live.

There are some common health problems, but should not think that every Frenchie got them. To read full information about French bulldog health problems and solutions, visit here.

4. Common Breathing Problems

Their bulbous head and squat frame make it almost impossible for the dogs to swim (We do NOT advise Frenchies to swim). Hence, it is important to keep them away from pools and other water bodies. Flying is also not pleasant for the French bulldogs. This is because they have shorter snouts compared to other dogs and have breathing problems in given situations like. If you must fly, then consider special airlines for pets. So your furry friend can receive special attention in case of a panic attack or in case it gets sick.

5. They Are Stubborn

These bulldogs know how to please their owners and are loyal to them, but they can also be stubborn pets. You should be patient when you are training your puppy and give them lots of treats and praises when you teach them all the commands and tricks to help you in this process.

These adorable French bulldogs will be worth all the patience and love you give to them.

6. Reproduction Problems

French bulldogs have unusual proportions, and this makes it hard for them to copulate. Males usually have a hard time reaching females. And they end up becoming exhausted or overheated, which is not good for the dogs. For this reason, most dogs are born by artificial insemination. This is why the word ‘created’ is used when describing these bulldogs. Breeders check for potential problems during the process. Even though it means parting with a considerable amount of money for a litter of the pups. When it is time for giving birth, the females will often undergo C-sections because they often have issues as well during the process. Operating on them relieves too much pressure and stress off them, keeping health complications at bay.

Are French Bulldogs Smart?

Apart from their facial features, their natural clumsiness prompts one to fall in love with them. You might think that these adorable creatures are just cute, but something that you do not know about them is that they are extremely intelligent too. Dogs, in general, are extremely intelligent creatures, but recent studies show that French Bulldogs are particularly smarter than other dogs. Their smartness and intelligence are evident in their day-to-day activities.

There will be times that French Bulldogs will prove themselves to be extremely reliable and faithful friends of their owners. They can sense danger and will let you know of the same. At times they are known to make their owner aware of an impending danger. The Hollywood seems to be catching up with the smartness of French Bulldogs. You will notice that there are a surprisingly greater number of movies where this species saves the day rather than any other species of dog.

Their friendliness and sixth sense are reflected in the character, along with their surprisingly high levels of communication and personality. On the other hand, French bulldogs can have somewhat of an attitude problem. They are not the most obedient species of dogs and can be quite difficult or stubborn at times. They are also extremely difficult to train, but once you are through with it, it is going to be worth it.

Are French Bulldogs Social Pets?

French bulldog eats shoos

This breed loves socializing. It is actually an enjoyable task for it considering it is such an easy companion. It has a mischievous humorous nature that requires some consistency, patience and firmness from the owner. As it can end up throwing antics that can get frustrating at times apart from being delightful at others.

French bulldogs are very good with children. You need not worry even if you have a toddler in your household. Although it is still important to keep an eye on your young one when left with the dog. They make good babysitters, but you do not want one harassing the other. When it comes to other pets, Frenchies get along just fine with cats and other dogs. It is however possible for the dogs to be jealous of other dogs when they get too much attention from their owners. This is especially if they are a little spoiled.

Frenchies are extremely famous and trendy. Things that make French bulldogs popular are:

Cute look
Trend – More and more people start to own Frenchies, which concludes to avalanche effect
Small size
Less space, fewer costs – The smaller seats are good only for small breeds. A larger breed will not be able to adapt to tight spaces and a smaller yard
Simple Grooming
Versatile temperament – The French bulldog loves family life and enjoys the drama and bustle of family life. It is not only human friendly, but also a very child-friendly dog
Good travel companion
Famous frenchie at sea

Fundamental Facts Explained

1. History

The French bulldog came into existence in the 1800s in England, and it is believed to be bred into a toy-sized version of the English bulldog. It was then taken to French, developing as a French bulldog over time. Popular among the lace makers in England, today’s Bulldogs are different from what they looked like in the 18th century. The love of French people for the dogs grew, and they started breeding more of them, and that is how their appearance changed into what it looks today.

In the late part of the 19th century, the popularity of this breed of bulldogs began spreading in Europe and America, leading to disputes between French and English men. American devotees claimed that the bat ear is the actual French bulldog as opposed to the rose ear. This feature was how this breed of bulldogs started getting recognized. Even now, the popularity of this breed is growing.

2. Description

The French bulldog, also known as Frenchie, is a compact, sturdy dog breed. This bulldog falls under the non-sporting group, and they have dark brown eyes, a short snout, a large head, and bat-like ears, which is one of its distinctive features; the other is its half domed, half flat skull. They have squished-up faces, which makes them adorable to look at.

It has a compact, small body that is muscular and well balanced, with wrinkled skin around its shoulders and face. This breed usually comes in colors like white, fawn, and cream, along with patterns. Their coats are shiny, smooth, and short, so they are easy to clean and brush, with only a small amount of shedding.

3. Personality and Temperament

The temperaments of these dogs largely depend on how they were bred, their upbringing when they were young and how much training they got at their early stages. Like humans, a dog’s developmental stage is also the most important part of a dogs’ life. It is the stage where a dog shapes and develops their personalities and temperament when it grows into an adult.

Female French bulldogs tend to be more affectionate and a bit timid when compared to males. The males are assertive and more playful. There are many reasons to love a French bulldog, but the ones that stand out the most are their adaptability and charm. They are protective and loyal when it comes to their owners, but they can usually be good around strangers.

Yes, they are stubborn sometimes, but they are not aggressive. They are very friendly bulldogs that go through separation anxiety. You can get an idea here of how much they are attached to their owners. They are an attention seeker who doesn’t like being left alone for a long time or getting anxious and depressed.

Even though their attention span is too short, they can be easily trained, mostly because they are pretty docile. When they are puppies in the puppy stage, they are very energetic, playing tug of war with different objects, chewing their toys aggressively, and if you see any holes dug around your house, you know who did that! But when they are adult, they are less energetic and are calmer, preferring to sit on their owner’s lap.

The more they age, the more stubborn French bulldogs become, refusing to follow or learn rules and sometimes become aggressive. But if you give them the necessary, proper training, you can avoid this bad behavior.


The French bulldog is a loving and smart dog that loves spending time with its owners. You will have a happy, healthy dog when you spare enough time to attend to its needs. Its health is paramount, so it makes sense to get high quality foods and feed it just right so that it maintains a good healthy weight. This free thinking dog is easily trainable. You just need to bombard it with lots of play, praise and rewards for it to yield the kind of results you are looking for.

Your dog will of course be as good as the effort you put into it. It may be a little high maintenance, but this becomes easy to handle once you get used to the dog. To make things easier you can create a schedule that reminds you of what needs to be done and when. Never skip on the walks and other activities for the sake of the dog’s health. The dogs have a lifespan of about 10 years, so with proper care you will have your dog as your companion for a considerably long time.

So, “Are French bulldogs good pets?” Definitely yes. Don’t miss out on owning a great dog!

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